About Us

Harmony Children’s Services is the fulfillment of one person’s five year dream.

Having spent 13 years in the childcare profession, and having seen both the good and the bad in the industry, Mark Raw wanted to establish a children’s home that provided high quality care, with a true child-focused approach to assist in a journey of lifelong learning.

It took more than two years to put the plan together as to what Harmony was going to be and what Harmony would stand for, and then another year working closely with angel investors to get the funding and investment in place.

On December 19th 2010, pen was put to paper to buy Harmony’s first property and work began in earnest. On Monday March 21st 2011, after three months preparation, Harmony House welcomed the inspectors from Ofsted who gave the house a recommendation for opening.

Harmony Children’s Services provide Ofsted registered, high quality residential children’s units to meet the needs of LAC, specifically those with a range of emotional social behavioral difficulties (EBD) and learning difficulties (LD). This also includes Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children.


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