What We Do

Whilst accommodated within Harmony Children’s Services we will ensure that there is clear, open and honest communication with social workers, parents and other professionals involved on a regular basis.

Harmony provide weekly or monthly reports, depending upon carer’s requirements, in order to ensure that all involved parties are kept fully up to date on all the recent activities of the child, including positive milestone achievements, as well as, when necessary those not so positive activities.

Harmony will assist and support in what ever way it can in facilitating all contact meetings required as instructed in the Local Authority’s care and placement plans.

Harmony is conscious that resident compatibility is an important factor in maintaining its family approach within our services. Each resident will undergo impact risk assessments carried out to assess the level of need and potential impact into other residents life’s prior to admission.

Harmony strives to provide healthy nutritious meals for all residents, as well as improving their knowledge and skills in preparation of food, from basic snacks though to main meals, thus providing skills for immediate and future life.

Harmony has in place systems to help maintain and support the safety and well being of its residents both in and out of the unit. Harmony does recognise that this is not always fully achievable and has positive working links with professions who can provide more specialised and focused services in these areas.

Education and learning plays a large role in the ethos of Harmony, not just from behind a classroom desk, but from the use of a 24 hour curriculum. Learning, practising and then putting into everyday practice the basic skills needed for everyday living, social communication and progression in life.

To complement this, Harmony has excellent links to the local specialist schools for PRV’s challenging behaviours, and is able to offer in-house education from its own dedicated teacher.

Harmony will provide help and support in the placement change to and from Harmony in an agreed manner with previous and future placements, and the family where appropriate. We will endeavour to make these transitions as simple and harmonious as is possible, whilst taking the views and considerations of the child on board where appropriate.

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